The world of lighting systems for cars and other vehicles is being revolutionized using LEDs. And after thinking about it quite a bit, we have decided to offer retrofit LED headlights. These can be used as a direct replacement for regular halogen bulbs (such as H4, H7, H8/9/11/16). In our LED headlights, the chips are placed in a way that mimics the position of where the filament would be. The light distribution from the LED headlights is identical to that of their traditional counterparts. These lamps produce a very bright light (6500 K) and emit more light than the halogen versions. They are equipped with a fan and a body that acts as a heatsink; therefor they need slightly more room inside the headlight unit. Since LEDs do now consumes less power than halogen light bulbs installing a canceller may be necessary in certain cars.


After about two years’ time we have finished expanding our local warehouse. We increased the warehouse space by about 50% and hope that this will help having you orders ready quicker than ever.

The so-called digitalization does not stop for us either: we are working on implementing a new ERP software together with a new warehousing software. All in the name of efficiency. We will keep you posted about our  progress here as well.