H11 bulbs

Our range of H11 bulbs has been greatly improved. Aside from the standard 12 V H11, we can offer the following: All can be found on page 13 of our catalog.

2110900 H11 12 V 55 W PGJ19-2 Ultra homologated (E1 & DOT)

2110333 H11 12 V 55 W PGJ-2 Megablau homologated (E1 & DOT)

2110335 H11 12 V 70 W PGJ19-2 Silberblue

12110 H11 12 V 90 W PGJ19-2 Rally

2114 H11 24 V 70 W PGJ19-2 homologated (E1)

2110B H11 12 V 55 W PGJY19-2 straight socket, homologated (E1)


Stop lights and flashing lights

Newer cars often use red stop- and taillights. For this we can offer:

667102 PR21W 12 V 21 W BAW15s red glass, homologated (E4)

522902 PR21/5W 12 V 21/5 W BAW15d red glass, homologated (E4)


Indicator light bulbs

Our new T6,5 wedge base bulb, item 4591, is usually used in motorcycles, but also in Volvo dashboard lighting. Its specifications are 12 V 3 W W2x4,6d and you can find it on page 31 of our catalog. If you need this item to be slightly smaller, you can order it as item 4590 = 12 V 3 W T5 W2x4,6d.

4591 12 V 3 W W2x4,6d T6,5

4591 12 V 3 W W2x4,6d T6,5


Blade fuses

We have changed and added to our range of fuse kits. As of now, we carry the following kits:

213050 an assortment of 5148xx, 2148xx and 3148xx fuses (page 86)

213010 an assortment of 5148xx fuses, including a fuse puller (page 87)

213020 an assortment of 5038xx (Mini Low Profile) fuses, including a fuse puller (page 88)

213040 an assortment of 2148xx fuses, including a fuse puller (page 89)

213070 an big assortment of 5148xx, 2148xx, 3148xx and 5038xx fuses (page 90)

Another new item is our fuse holder 6308 for Mini Low Profile fuses 5038xx (page 53).